The New World

A Pinochle of Technology

Kalas's City at Last

The group moved into the city to check out the area some more. They were met with a city surrounding a large tower pulsating with electricity. After some talk, the party discovered the town specialized in long range combat and equipment for such outings.

The piece that was a large talking point was the sage Samüs and his assistant Jack who are working on harnessing the power of Kalas for use by the people.

Discussions with the sage went in two groups with the failure of Nibbler and Zelus the first time through followed by Gertrude and Ennis behind. After a quick snap, the sage revealed Gertrude’s ring to be a cube of power. While this discovery was being made however, a voice sounded in the heads of the party.

“Do not interfere. This is a duel to the death and those who try to intervene will die.”

Outside, a skeletal form with flesh melting off the bone appeared before Nibbler, crawling out of the ground. After a quick encounter, Nibbler was victorious. However, he was rewarded with the sound of his own screaming in his ear as the skeleton returned through the portal stating that this would not be the last time they met.

A bit shaken, the party took after the mountain just east of them to meet the final dragon: Draxan.



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