The New World


The Gate Opened

After Searching the Stone Pyramid for the missing key, Gertrude and Zelus stumbled upon a slot in the wall hiding the very key they were looking for. They left the temple and went straight for the hedge, hopping inside and opening the golden gate. On the other side of their blindingly bright white room was an identical room where the party decided to rest before going to the other side. Once they walked through, they found a world like their own, but shockingly different. There were now six giant mountains on the island with towns beneath. The party began walking toward these towns to try and get some answers as to what was going on, however, as they walked, they were interrupted. From behind them flew a silver dragon who spotted them and began to freeze the forest nearby until Oth called out to the dragon. The dragon, called Raza, came down and confronted them about their attacks against what they now knew to be his temple.

He brought them to “trial” in a town below his mountain. He had them all speak their piece with only Gertrude being removed from the trial. After the trial was over, he asked one of them to become the sacrifice to balance out the deaths of his followers, his family. After debating for a short while, Oth decided he would make the sacrifice and was transformed into a silver dragon with none of his memory intact. Raza the took the young silver dragon with him into his cavern, leaving the party down one member. The townsfolk offered them a place to stay at their inn while they mourned the loss of their friend who’s sacrifice won’t ever be forgotten.



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