The New World

Mystery Hedge

The Return to the Temple

After the battle on the Coast, the party set out deeper into the woods to explore for possible remaining Lizardfolk. Walking deep into the woods, the party noticed a hedge made of vines. After tearing it open, the party made their way inside to find a fantastic, golden door with the same dragon symbol on it they had on their stolen cloaks. After attempts to tamper the door open, Zelus prayed for guidance that lead them back to the Stone Pyramid.

Once they approached the entrance, they were met with a Lizardfolk wielding a spear at them, leading to a quick exchange of blows led by Nibbler. While the guard tried to run, he barely escaped after Oth landed a huge body blow onto him. The party quickly followed only to be led into a trap. 10 archers fired their bows at Oth who led the charge, but they were all taken aback when Gertrude shattered the stone staircase from underneath their feet., leaving them free for Oth to finish off.

Zelus chased after the guard up the stairs, accidentally leaving a boulder to fall onto Oth in the process. Once Gertrude freed him, the party gathered up the stairs to the final room. Inside was the guard, another Lizardfolk, and one of the survivors from the last attack on the temple. Seeing that they failed again to protect the temple, the new leader offered his sword to Oth and asked Oth to kill him with it. While the group hesitated, the other two killed themselves, leaving Nibbler to finish the leader off.

Body Count: 13 Lizardfolk



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