The New World

New Faces

And New Mysteries

After resting a few days, Nero and Nibbler helped unload new ships on the coast. Renovations to houses are being made, and the beginnings of shops and taverns are beginning to form.

The party receives word that a group of adventurers has gone missing during their own scouting mission. Oth and Gertrude set out to find these missing adventurers only to find their bodies torn to pieces by a group of Lizardfolk. They manage to save the only survivor, a man by the name Zelus. They agree to walk back to the coast together and the trio began adventuring in the North East the next day.

After running into a group of nimble and hefty Lizardfolk alike, the trio emerged victorious, but badly wounded. They decide to take a rest in the forest, Gertrude was caught off guard by a stone slung at her from the darkness of the woods. As she began to fade from consciousness, she saw two more rocks brought down on the heads of Oth and Zelus, leaving the trio knocked out cold in the wilderness.

Body count: 7 Lizardfolk



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