The New World

Tensions Rise

The Counterattack Begins

Nero decided to take after his party who had been missing for some time. He is followed by Enkos, a new man to the island who wanted to help out everyone on the island. The two of them followed the party’s tracks through the woods towards the hedge. Once they found it, the duo walked inside and were escorted on horseback to the same town the party resided in beneath Raza’s mountain. Once reunited, the group caught Nero up with what had happened and they mourned the loss of Oth together. While they had gathered, a man in a silver cloak had asked them to join their crusade against Raza for taking their people and turning them into dragons. The party takes a second to think and then declines before being approached by a man in a similar cloak named Stuart. He told them how there were rebellions against all of the dragons occurring, but he also did not agree that fighting Raza was the right choice. He instead asked them to join the fight against Naya by stealing some of her powerful treasure to use against her since she is mostly absent from her cave.

While they hesitated, the party ultimately agreed and headed off towards Naya’s mountain. Reaching the rebel base, everyone gathered their intel, showing they still had 3 days at least until Naya’s return. The groups gathered in prayer and set off on their quest. The first encounter with lizards on the mountain took a good chunk out of the group, but the mission towards the inside of Naya’s mountain still continues.

Body Count: 9 Lizards



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