The New World

The Temple Discovered

After successfully clearing the woods near The Coast, the party ventured further into the woods and discovered an old temple. Overgrown with moss, the party ventured in after a shadowy figure. Solving a few puzzles, the group fought off numerous traps and adversaries, following invisable notes left in theives cant along the walls. After restoring themselves in a healing fountain, the group approached the final room. After separating to hide their identities from an old Lizardfolk, the ruse fell apart, separating the group. After a fierce combat, the old Lizardfolk fell. This caused the shutdown of the healing fountain, leaving the party with nothing to do but rest. Unfortunately while resting, more Lizardfolk came looking for the old Lizardfolk while the group slept. They woke up, and created a disguise to throw the reptiles off, sending them away so the group could finish their rest and go to the shore.

Body Count: 4 Lizardfolk and 1 Old Lizard



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