Tiefling Warlock


Strength – 13
Dexterity – 15
Constitution – 12
Intelligence – 14
Wisdom – 13
Charisma – 19

-Tiefling Warlock
-Wisdom and Charisma saves
-Chaotic Good


Enkos (En), is a tiefling warlock trying to make a life for he and his wife, Eliya, in The New World. A tiefling, Enkos has always been shunned by others. Part of a bloodline of mystic warlocks, En always was taught to fight and use his skills to be something of a mercenary. This wasn’t the life En desired, however.

En loved to do nothing more than care for the gardens of the home he shared with his family in the forest. At the age of 20 he made a case to be inducted into a guild as an alchemist, having practiced making potions to heal himself and others while fighting. The members of the guild have a great respect, if not a fondness, for En. They have never seen anyone so thoroughly hated work so hard to better himself and others.

After his induction En slowly changed his life, making potions and honing his craft in lieu of mercenary work. While in the guild he met a young woman who wished to work as a merchant for the guild. They became close after she was assigned to sell his potions. The relationship progressed until, at the age of 24, En and the woman married. Hearing from Eliya of a developing empire to the west En convinced the guild to send him to the new city to start a chapter of the guild and make a life for himself and Eliya.

/————————————Character Traits (Read at own risk)—————————————-/
-En is more than a little of a perfectionist. This trait doesn’t reach so far as to other people though. He only wishes to make himself a better individual.
-En was taught the finer points of being a guild artisan by higher up members of the guild. Because of this En doesn’t shy away from helping those who wish to better themselves. If En can help them he probably will. This generosity is one of his wife’s favorite things about him.
-En’s debt to the guild for helping make him the person he is is great. En will never forget it.
-En finds it hard to voice his opinion. He is unsure of himself and always lets others trample over what he wishes to say. En is indecisive, but thorough.

/—————————————-GOALS (Read at own risk)——————————————————/
En’s Dream is to start a life with Eliya on the new continent as a proper alchemist. He wants to leave behind his life as a mystic mercenary and instead devote himself to his herbological and alchemical studies. To this Effect En is willing to do anything to protect the town where he hopes to start his new life.


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