STR 18 (4)
DEX 12 (
CON 14 (2)
INT 13 (
WIS 18 (4)
CHR 12 (

Spell Attack +6
Spell Save 14

Warhammer d8 one handed of d10 two handed 4, (6 to hit)
AC 18

Resistance to necrotic and radiant damage

Spell Casting comes from my holy symbol, which is on my shield which I either use or have on my person.



was banished from the celestial plane for wrongful. I was banished and sent as a guardian for a temple dedicated to Nike, who I serve. After serving for 6 months and relearning the
customs and languages and mannerisms of the mortal races, I departed
the temple.

I was told, or rather I heard that the New World has a strange connection
with dragons. Their power may help me to get back to the Celestial
Plane. I may also uncover some hidden knowledge or artifacts to help raise
my favor in Nike’s eyes, so she will let me back in.

I hate to see suffering. I suffered and lost my life, and I am now
stuck here among mortals. Sigh. I hate suffering and the way people
act down here, but it is my life. I try not to look down on them but
that is sometimes is too easy to see some thugs and bullies as inferior.

I hate bullies and those who harass others or just simply go out
of their way to make others suffer. Apparently the world here has
“laws” but only an idiot needs a written document to follow to
let them know what they can and cannot do. It should be easy to
make those decisions on your own, but I guess not.

I genuinely care about the people I’’m down here with. I want each and every one of them to reach salvation in their lives. They can do this by finding victories in their lives and praising the goddess of victory as a thank you.

It’s a common mistake that victory only comes through killing and bloodshed. Victory can come in many forms, such as negotiations, finding a common understanding or by maintaining peace. All of these please Nike.

I hate to kill. All life is precious. Everyone deserves a chance to live, even if they’ve been defeated. When they are at their weakest, they can be taught and they can convert to your own ways of thinking. This is the best opportunity to show enemies and friends both my compassion and my strength. It takes more strength to spare someone’s life than it does to end it.

It is my goal to not only return to the Celestial Plane better as a better deva, but to convert as many of the people down here to Nike’s ways so they can find peace in their next life


The New World parolemodel