The New World

A Pinochle of Technology
Kalas's City at Last

The group moved into the city to check out the area some more. They were met with a city surrounding a large tower pulsating with electricity. After some talk, the party discovered the town specialized in long range combat and equipment for such outings.

The piece that was a large talking point was the sage Samüs and his assistant Jack who are working on harnessing the power of Kalas for use by the people.

Discussions with the sage went in two groups with the failure of Nibbler and Zelus the first time through followed by Gertrude and Ennis behind. After a quick snap, the sage revealed Gertrude’s ring to be a cube of power. While this discovery was being made however, a voice sounded in the heads of the party.

“Do not interfere. This is a duel to the death and those who try to intervene will die.”

Outside, a skeletal form with flesh melting off the bone appeared before Nibbler, crawling out of the ground. After a quick encounter, Nibbler was victorious. However, he was rewarded with the sound of his own screaming in his ear as the skeleton returned through the portal stating that this would not be the last time they met.

A bit shaken, the party took after the mountain just east of them to meet the final dragon: Draxan.

The Quest for Truth
A Journey West

After distributing the items, the party headed back to Raza’s mountain. Once there, the party stacked up on supplies and headed towards the mountain of Kalas, the blue dragon. The town below is believed to have very advanced technology and because of this the party left to seek aid in discovering the truth about Gertrude’s ring.

Grabbing some horses, the group headed through the woods center of the island to the west. On their way, they passed two human travelers who caught up to then once the party had to continue on foot. They all continued together for the rest of the journey. There had been tales of spirits that haunted the woods preventing travel as the pair warned the party. Shortly after, the group was attacked by invisable forces.

While their eyes were of no use, the party’s wits led them to victory in the fight, following the disappearance of the bodies that attacked. After everything was cleared up, the group had Kalas’s city in sight.

Body Count- 2 shadows

Inside the Cave
A Peek at A Dragon's Den

After a sneak attack on the mountain, the group successfully made it into Naya’s cave. Once inside, the party split up from the remaining humans to explore. After searching for a bit. The party was attacked yet again by some odd stone creatures. After a rough encounter, the group came put victorious.

Stumbling around in the Cave some more, the group discovered the dragon’s vault. Inside the party found some odd items mixed in with some gold. After taking their fill, the party gathered the other humans, having everyone grab whatever they could to return to the bottom of the mountain. Filling the gold pile with rocks, the group gathered everything together and climbed back down the mountain.

Body Count: 4 Lizards, 2 Rocks

Tensions Rise
The Counterattack Begins

Nero decided to take after his party who had been missing for some time. He is followed by Enkos, a new man to the island who wanted to help out everyone on the island. The two of them followed the party’s tracks through the woods towards the hedge. Once they found it, the duo walked inside and were escorted on horseback to the same town the party resided in beneath Raza’s mountain. Once reunited, the group caught Nero up with what had happened and they mourned the loss of Oth together. While they had gathered, a man in a silver cloak had asked them to join their crusade against Raza for taking their people and turning them into dragons. The party takes a second to think and then declines before being approached by a man in a similar cloak named Stuart. He told them how there were rebellions against all of the dragons occurring, but he also did not agree that fighting Raza was the right choice. He instead asked them to join the fight against Naya by stealing some of her powerful treasure to use against her since she is mostly absent from her cave.

While they hesitated, the party ultimately agreed and headed off towards Naya’s mountain. Reaching the rebel base, everyone gathered their intel, showing they still had 3 days at least until Naya’s return. The groups gathered in prayer and set off on their quest. The first encounter with lizards on the mountain took a good chunk out of the group, but the mission towards the inside of Naya’s mountain still continues.

Body Count: 9 Lizards

The Gate Opened

After Searching the Stone Pyramid for the missing key, Gertrude and Zelus stumbled upon a slot in the wall hiding the very key they were looking for. They left the temple and went straight for the hedge, hopping inside and opening the golden gate. On the other side of their blindingly bright white room was an identical room where the party decided to rest before going to the other side. Once they walked through, they found a world like their own, but shockingly different. There were now six giant mountains on the island with towns beneath. The party began walking toward these towns to try and get some answers as to what was going on, however, as they walked, they were interrupted. From behind them flew a silver dragon who spotted them and began to freeze the forest nearby until Oth called out to the dragon. The dragon, called Raza, came down and confronted them about their attacks against what they now knew to be his temple.

He brought them to “trial” in a town below his mountain. He had them all speak their piece with only Gertrude being removed from the trial. After the trial was over, he asked one of them to become the sacrifice to balance out the deaths of his followers, his family. After debating for a short while, Oth decided he would make the sacrifice and was transformed into a silver dragon with none of his memory intact. Raza the took the young silver dragon with him into his cavern, leaving the party down one member. The townsfolk offered them a place to stay at their inn while they mourned the loss of their friend who’s sacrifice won’t ever be forgotten.

Mystery Hedge
The Return to the Temple

After the battle on the Coast, the party set out deeper into the woods to explore for possible remaining Lizardfolk. Walking deep into the woods, the party noticed a hedge made of vines. After tearing it open, the party made their way inside to find a fantastic, golden door with the same dragon symbol on it they had on their stolen cloaks. After attempts to tamper the door open, Zelus prayed for guidance that lead them back to the Stone Pyramid.

Once they approached the entrance, they were met with a Lizardfolk wielding a spear at them, leading to a quick exchange of blows led by Nibbler. While the guard tried to run, he barely escaped after Oth landed a huge body blow onto him. The party quickly followed only to be led into a trap. 10 archers fired their bows at Oth who led the charge, but they were all taken aback when Gertrude shattered the stone staircase from underneath their feet., leaving them free for Oth to finish off.

Zelus chased after the guard up the stairs, accidentally leaving a boulder to fall onto Oth in the process. Once Gertrude freed him, the party gathered up the stairs to the final room. Inside was the guard, another Lizardfolk, and one of the survivors from the last attack on the temple. Seeing that they failed again to protect the temple, the new leader offered his sword to Oth and asked Oth to kill him with it. While the group hesitated, the other two killed themselves, leaving Nibbler to finish the leader off.

Body Count: 13 Lizardfolk

Suprise Attack
Blood on the Beach

After finishing his errands, Nibbler sought after his party only to find them unconscious in the woods. He frees them and they all return to the beach only to see Lizardfolk destroying everything. While numbers of enemies swarmed the beach, the party was able to fend them off with the help of a friendly Lizardfolk who happened to be the urchin Samuel in disguise. Concerned for the health of the survivors, Gertrude and Zelus approach Bran and Torg to do whatever they can to help the survivors.
After aiding the wounded and cleaning up the beach, the party gather their wits for coming attacks, learning that these lizards are not creatures who are willing to compromise.

Body Count: 7 Lizardfolk, 1 “Mammoth”.
Level 4

New Faces
And New Mysteries

After resting a few days, Nero and Nibbler helped unload new ships on the coast. Renovations to houses are being made, and the beginnings of shops and taverns are beginning to form.

The party receives word that a group of adventurers has gone missing during their own scouting mission. Oth and Gertrude set out to find these missing adventurers only to find their bodies torn to pieces by a group of Lizardfolk. They manage to save the only survivor, a man by the name Zelus. They agree to walk back to the coast together and the trio began adventuring in the North East the next day.

After running into a group of nimble and hefty Lizardfolk alike, the trio emerged victorious, but badly wounded. They decide to take a rest in the forest, Gertrude was caught off guard by a stone slung at her from the darkness of the woods. As she began to fade from consciousness, she saw two more rocks brought down on the heads of Oth and Zelus, leaving the trio knocked out cold in the wilderness.

Body count: 7 Lizardfolk

The Temple Discovered

After successfully clearing the woods near The Coast, the party ventured further into the woods and discovered an old temple. Overgrown with moss, the party ventured in after a shadowy figure. Solving a few puzzles, the group fought off numerous traps and adversaries, following invisable notes left in theives cant along the walls. After restoring themselves in a healing fountain, the group approached the final room. After separating to hide their identities from an old Lizardfolk, the ruse fell apart, separating the group. After a fierce combat, the old Lizardfolk fell. This caused the shutdown of the healing fountain, leaving the party with nothing to do but rest. Unfortunately while resting, more Lizardfolk came looking for the old Lizardfolk while the group slept. They woke up, and created a disguise to throw the reptiles off, sending them away so the group could finish their rest and go to the shore.

Body Count: 4 Lizardfolk and 1 Old Lizard

Day 0
New Stomping Grounds

Your party of four have landed on the New Land. Quickly after landing you are hired by a man named Bran to go scout the area and clear some monsters on your way.
Before setting out on your mission, another man named Torg gives you a house to stay in and supplies for the next day.
Setting into the woods, the party successfully kills some of the lizardfolk of the area as well as Big Boy, the giant boar.
Returning with the body of Big Boy, the party is paid for their troubles and turns in for the night to rest up after a day of fighting.

Body Count: 6 lizardfolk and 1 giant boar.


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