The New World

The Quest for Truth

A Journey West

After distributing the items, the party headed back to Raza’s mountain. Once there, the party stacked up on supplies and headed towards the mountain of Kalas, the blue dragon. The town below is believed to have very advanced technology and because of this the party left to seek aid in discovering the truth about Gertrude’s ring.

Grabbing some horses, the group headed through the woods center of the island to the west. On their way, they passed two human travelers who caught up to then once the party had to continue on foot. They all continued together for the rest of the journey. There had been tales of spirits that haunted the woods preventing travel as the pair warned the party. Shortly after, the group was attacked by invisable forces.

While their eyes were of no use, the party’s wits led them to victory in the fight, following the disappearance of the bodies that attacked. After everything was cleared up, the group had Kalas’s city in sight.

Body Count- 2 shadows



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